WOODWORK WELCOME COFFEE is a new café built as part of the furniture store WOODWORK, located in the Okachimachi area of Taito, Tokyo, and which was born from a lumber business which has operated here for over 100 years. WOODWORK has been involved in lumber sales and finishing as well as designing and selling original items. The business has also continued to use their knowledge wherever useful, including supporting product development for wood items, and consulting on their design and manufacture.
WOODWORK WELCOME COFFEE will be the latest development from the company, created in the hope it will bring more visitors to the store, and that the visitors will develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of WOODWORK.
When planning the space, the main concern was avoiding over-designing. By keeping the design simple, the furniture and other products for sale can be better highlighted. The hope was to design a space with room to continue to change in the future just as the company has always evolved, instead of beginning as a finished piece.
The materials used in the space were also limited as much as possible to keep things simple, with only finish types used in the space: concrete, wood, or white surfaces. For the newly done walls a concrete-style finish (achieved with mortex) was applied, and a special technique was used so that the middle of each board would show the raw wood, and then slowly fade to the finish at the sides.
Through these boards, visitors can both see and feel for themselves how a cut piece of lumber passes through various steps before becoming a piece of furniture. By allowing the finished to exist alongside the unfinished emphasizes the beauty of the finished pieces, and we feel we were successful in designing a space which creates a sense of excitement for the continued evolution of WOODWORK.

primary use: cafe
design: AIDAHO Inc.
general contractor: WOODWORK+TAKEN+AIDAHO
location: taito-ku, Tokyo
area: 30 m2
completed: June 2017
photo credits: Koji Honda / Koji Honda Photo Studio
WOODWORK WELCOME COFFEEは、台東区御徒町で100年以上も昔から続く材木屋さんが元となって生まれた家具屋WOODWORKの一角に新たにつくられたカフェスタンドです。


WOODWORK WELCOME COFFEEは、その発展の最先端部として、店舗を訪れる人をこれまで以上に増やすきっかけとなることと、訪れた人たちにWOODWORKをより深く知ってもらい、好きになってもらうという使命を担っています。



新たに仕上げる壁についてはコンクリート(のように見せたモールテックス)塗りの壁とし、分厚い接客カウンターと、意匠と棚受けとしての機能を兼ねて壁に設置した板材は、あえて完全に仕上げず、一枚の板の中で、元の材木のままの状態から完全に仕上がった状態まで段階的に仕上げるよう特別に加工してもらいました。 これらの板は、切り出したままの材木が、家具の一部として使われる程度になるまで仕上がる過程を、その見た目だけでなく手で触った感覚でも感じることができます。



主要用途: カフェ
所在: 東京都台東区
延床面積: 30㎡
写真: 本多康司/本多康司写真事務所