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A house that grows with family and land
FUKAYA house 02

We designed a datached house for cliant's family, next to their parents' house where he grew up. The site is located in the suburbs of Fukaya city, Saitama, under Controlled Urbanization Area. Therefore its neighborhood is parted from city area and keeps old local aspects, as if the original scenery has been preserved. In this site, there are the farm, the garden and the shed taken care by their grandfather. Our plan is made, imagining a scenery with an affinity with these nostargic aspects and a narrative which is different from those under Urbanization Area nearby.

The cut off site after Diversion of Agricultural Land was supposed to block sunlight or wind, because it's on the southwest of the main building. Our suggestion was to position the new house horizontally roteted by 45 degree, and to lower the height. Between the two houses, it brings not only nice consideration but comfortable distance and view . The L shaped layout of these houses also enables to prevent dest or north wind from entering in the garden for gathering.

The roof is simple gable style, in sympathy with the exsisting main house. Under the roof, there are the eaves in L shape, connecting the entrance and the garden. This eaves are like buffer zone between the inside and the outside, or the main house and the new house. It takes role in protecting residents' lives from rain, wind or sunlight.
Constructure is upward rafter frame and the ceiling inclines likewise the roof form. Roof height is set, suitable for the room space. It does have high and low points which is unusual for modern house but, they bring moduration and rythm for the room.

Planning constructure is functional and minimum. Margins where do not have any certain usage are there to adopt lifestyle changes. The way not to determine nor finish too much helps our client's to have creative life and enjoy crafting their own house for good. Actually, the client work for steel industry so, many stuff are made by HIMSELF and delivered, for example, the steel pillars for the eaves, the shelf supports, the curtain rails, the hunger bars and so on. The important aspect of this house is that, we can find kind craftsmanship in variety of composing pieces, moreover, they are not ready-made.

In finishing, general and universal materials like woods and paints are used, which have been widely distributed for decades. They can enjoy materials aging and self-maintenance, as thinking HIS/HER father is still an active carpenter. A while after the completement, we visited the site and found the ground cover plants raised by and well grown. Here, with continuous maintenance by themselves, we wish our plan support the cliant's family and the house live together, and mellow together.


FUKAYA house 02

Primary use: House
Architectural design: AIDAHO Inc
General contractor: first housing Inc.・F.Maker Inc.
Area: Htomi,hukaya-shi,Saitama
Site area: 330.77m²
Total floor area: 105.33m²
Building area:88.60m²
Building height:1 stories
Construction: Wooden building
Completed: March 2020
Photo credits: Kenta Hasegawa

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