Planning architecture is a precious opportunity to reconsider the land's history, fostered culture, relationship to the environment, and future forward. We make the most of such opportunities and let the architectures to foster richer land come true.


01 AIDA is the environment.

We believe that creating architecture is the same as creating environments. To create architecture is to create the environment surrounding that architecture, and such architecture also serves as a barrier between the natural environment and the people inside it, protecting them from the harshness of nature while providing a filter that lets in good feelings. Our architectural mission is to accurately analyze and understand an environment in order to consider and create the things and structures necessary for that environment. AIDAHO realizes optimal craftsmanship for the environment that always surrounds us.

02 AIDA is a mediator.

It is important to create new things from scratch, but we believe that we can create new structures and value by connecting those things which already exist. AIDAHO creates new structures and value by creating the mediator that connects the space between two things, or by becoming the mediator itself.

03 AIDA is a relationship.

The meaning of considering a relationship is not simply to connect things, but to also consider how to connect them. Reconsidering and redesigning a variety of preexisting relationships allows our environment to change back to its true and original form. AIDAHO contributes to a better society through architecture by reconsidering the relationships between things.

04 AIDA is blank space.

It is important to fill in “AIDA” gaps, but it can at times be even more important to open such gaps rather than fill them in. AIDAHO understands that in order to construct even better environments, mediators, and relationships, it is important not only to add things, but to subtract them as well.

*AIDA is … [ open ]




My interest in AIDA has continued to grow ever since the founding of AIDAHO Inc.
I think we can continue to create new and unknown things by contemplating and harmonizing opposites. This includes the artificial and natural, intentional and unintentional, and even the conscious and unconscious.



Not only in architecture, but everything in this world has an opposing force as well as a center.
When I focus on the center and change the perspective, I think it has the potential to become harmonious and to connect an opposing force even if the thing seems contradictory.
I'm aiming to create a peaceful and calm space that is in harmony, even with contradictions.



This picture shows my favorite spot at home.
My goal is to grow this plant in a garden above ground someday.
Like Tasha's favorite Unorganized Garden, I'm not too organized in my craftsmanship. I enjoy finding my own way while groping for answers.



For me, who started out in the field of arts and crafts, the most important and natural thing in the design process is imagining the intersection between architectural space and the feelings and comfort of the person in that space.
I hope to continue creating mutual relationships that fit snuggly between people and architecture, like holding your favorite container in your hands.



I always get excited when thinking of how much a single building could impact the hearts and lifestyles of people.
I'm going to unravel the secrets behind relationships, particularly between person and person, and person and nature. Through this, I'm aiming to create architecture that forges these warm connections.



I design in hopes of inserting beautiful sceneries in people's daily lives. I want architecture to become the spark that can create new memories, no matter how trivial.
I believe there is something between architecture and nature that helps create such moments.



I’d like to cherish comfy AIDA spaces and moments, which come from the interaction between the town, architecture, and people’s daily life. I’m going to appreciate discoveries of hidden daily AIDA and plan spaces that keep changing over the years.



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Representative Directors
Kazuhiro Naganuma, Jun Sawada
Authorized Architect’s Office
Registration Number
First-class; Registered by approval of the governor of Tokyo; Number 58365
Managing Architect
Jun Sawada
(First-class Architect Registration Number 327414)
Office Establishment Date
January 15th, 2013
Company Establishment Date
November 29th, 2012
5,000,000 Yen
Landscaping, architecture, and interior planning, design, construction, and supervision.
Landscaping, architecture, and interior examination and research.
Planning, creation, and sale of all types of products.
Planning and management of all types of events.
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