Cafe Craftsman Base

Creating a "factory" that brings craftsmen together

"CAFE - CRAFTSMAN BASE" is a bakery newly created by "Mother Moon Cafe MIHAMA PLACE", a cafe which has been a popular local feature for many years. The bread and sweets baked here are sold not only directly at the shop, but also wholesale to neighboring cafes and restaurants. And not only do we want to improve the quality of the bread that we serve at our cafe, but we also sympathized with the desire of our clients to provide delicious bread to others in the same industry who feel the same way. So rather than be just a "shop", we wanted to create a space where the coolest craftspeople could gather, with the positive image of a factory-like atmosphere that the name "Craftsman Base" suggests.
In order to produce the unusual sense that you are entering a factory rather than a shop, we did not use the usual finishing materials but instead took the bold step of using cheap and rough materials such as larch and luan plywood. However, because this alone would create an image of just a budget shop, we cut out 600x300mm pieces of 24mm-thick larch plywood and applied them to the wall in a running bond pattern (brickwork pattern). We made the walls like furniture, where boards can be inserted into any joint and used as shelves. This was inspired by the shelves actually used in the workshop of WOODWORK, with whom we cooperated on the construction and fixture design for this project.
Even if we used conventional materials, by incorporating ingenious innovations that only craftsmen could come up with, we were able to create special walls with originality. We believe that we've been able to achieve a space where you can get a sense of how interesting and cool it is to create, and even sense the very breathing of the craftspeople.

primary use: bakery
design: AIDAHO Inc.
general contractor: WOODWORK+TAKEN+AIDAHO
location: mihama, Chiba
area: 56 m2
completed: March 2016
photo credits: Koji Honda / Koji Honda Photo Studio


「CAFE-CRAFTSMAN BASE(カフェ クラフトマンベース)」は、地元で長く愛され続けているカフェ「Mother Moon cafe MIHAMA PLACE(マザームーンカフェ美浜店)」が新たにつくったベーカリーです。




主要用途: ベーカリー
所在: 千葉市美浜区
延床面積: 56㎡
写真: 本多康司/本多康司写真事務所