medical 2020

Healthy medical space with overspread colors reflecting lights
A-hospital Outpatient building

This is a renovation project of a historical hospital where started after the Great Kanto earthquake.
It has processed step by step in 1 year to renew the outpatients' ward where was old and hardly fit. Coloring by each department makes it easy to find where you visit. We also emphasized the widespread lights from the central wellhole and the bright garden, which seemed to be the original architect's intention. After all, this hospital turned out to be an open and healthy space where people feel natural lights all day long.


A-hospital Outpatient building

Primary use: Hospital Outpatient building
Architectural design: AIDAHO Inc
General contractor: ICHIKEN Co., Ltd.
Location: Koto-ku Tokyo
Area: 2125㎡
Completed: December 2019
Photo credits: Koji Honda / Koji Honda Photo Studio

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