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Special Nursing Home immersed in the city 02
Asokaen Special Nursing Home for the Elderly

In the community interaction space on the first floor, we made use of the celestial elements that were the theme of the former Children's Welfare Center, with a lighting plan that utilizes the atrium to create an area where those who have lived in the community for a long time can feel at home, while children will also be excited to come and play. This area is connected to the special care facility on the second floor via the large open atrium, creating an environment where children can come and play daily, even without special events, and keeping an eye on them is never difficult.

The open, glass-walled day care area on the first floor has an active design like a sports gym, with a blue walking track around the perimeter of the facility in the image of a tartan track. This was a design choice made to communicate to residents, visitors, and even local community members that they should incorporate exercise into their daily lives and be more health conscious.

The exterior design makes use of galvanized expanded metal and galvanized white gas pipes that cover the facility as railings and rainwater pipes. The structural components were deliberately left exposed to create an "incomplete" and "unfinished" design that allows the viewer to form their own unique image of completion.

Four living units of the same shape are lined up around the core of the building, making it difficult to recognize which unit one is in, so we designated a different key color to each unit, adding color to the living space while also making it easier for management to use. Plus, by leaving space between adjacent units, we have created a comfortable living space that allows plenty of outside light and airflow into each apartment as well as the communal living room.


Asokaen Special Nursing Home for the Elderly

primary use : Special Nursing Home
design : AIDAHO Inc.
general contractor : Matsui Construction Co., Ltd.
location : Tokyo
completed : 2022/5
photo credits : Takumi Ota Photography Co., Ltd.

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