Yutaka Pharmacy – makeshift store

Yutaka Pharmacy Temporary Store

An old wooden building that had been a liquor store was refurbished and transformed into a pharmacy.

So as not to inconvenience existing customers by disrupting business, this shop was created to be used in the interim period while a new shop was being constructed, making for a low-budget project. Viewed differently, for a pharmacy that had been in business for a long time in the area, this metamorphosis—from an old shop to a temporary shop and then a brand new shop— would gradually bring changes to the space and its contents. As these changes would not escape the notice of customers, we thought it would be interesting to create a design that could allow this process to be enjoyed, rather than seen as an inconvenience.

The interior was lined with structural plywood, which also served to reinforce the walls, and was stained white. The wood grain served to create a bright, warm atmosphere in these tones, making for a successful, low-cost solution.

The shop was in use only for one year. It was a pity for the client to have to destroy it.

primary use: pharmaceutical dispensary
architectural design: Kazuhiro Naganuma
graphic design: KARAPPO Inc.
general contractor: Taiyo Renovation Company
location: Ota Ward, Tokyo
total floor area: 23.6 m2
completed: April 2011
photo credits: Koji Honda / Koji Honda Photo Studio


低予算でつくる仮店舗ということで、本店舗工事期間中は今まで来てくれていたお客さんたちに不便をかけてしまうという考えになりがちだが、逆に古くからこの土地でやられている薬局が、 旧店舗→仮店舗→新店舗 と、空間も内容も少しずつ生まれ変わっていくことを、来るお客さんにも感じて、楽しんでもらえるような仮店舗づくりが出来ないものかと考え、デザインした。








主要用途: 調剤薬局
グラフィックデザイン:KARAPPO Inc.
施工: 大燿リノベーション株式会社
所在: 東京都大田区
延床面積: 23.6㎡
写真: 本多康司/本多康司写真事務所