This office-cum-residence was created for a client who works in sound design. The space is divided into zones: the kitchen, a workspace, a lounge & dining-cum-theater space, and a loft in a two-tiered structure (a bed in the upper area and storage in the lower area).

The ceiling had preexisting piping. Rather than concealing this completely, boards were installed in the manner of louvers. Articulated as a succession of organic forms, they create a ceiling that is open and not oppressive.

Apart from the bathroom and toilet, there is no floor-to-ceiling partitioning in the interior. Because the ceiling is continuous from the workspace through to the theater area, an uninterrupted line of sight through the entire space and a feeling of spaciousness can be enjoyed while standing up.

Sitting down facing the opposite direction, however, one’s field of view is obstructed by the furniture, and the space takes on the ambiance of a private room. The narrow interior is designed to make effective use of space, with the bedroom positioned one meter above floor level in a loft-like format, and the area underneath forming a sizable storage space.

To stay within budget, the flooring made use of existing materials, the location of the toilet and bathroom was left untouched, and the floor plan was left largely intact. However, a sense of dimensionality has been added to the space, through the loft and the use of furniture that doubles as partitioning. The result is a space that has been transformed into something completely different to its previous incarnation.

primary use: small office / home office
architectural design: Kazuhiro Naganuma, Jun Sawada (while employed by HAK)
general contractor: Kaisei Construction
location: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
total floor area: 30 m2
completed: March 2008
photo credits: Jun Sawada







コスト面を考慮し、床は既存のものを使い、トイレ、風呂等も位置を変えなかったので、間取りはリノベーション前とほぼ変わっていないが、家具をパーテーション のようにつかったり、ロフトをつくり、空間に立体感を与えることで、既存の空間からまったく別の空間へと変換することができた。






主要用途: SOHO
設計:長沼和宏 澤田淳(株式会社HAK在籍時)
施工: 海成建設株式会社
所在: 神奈川県川崎市
延床面積: 30㎡
写真: 澤田 健