We handled the interior design planning as well as corporate identity (CI) planning and graphic designs including logos and signs for this dental clinic with a 40-year history, opened in 1975, when it relocated.
The clinic is a large-scale dental clinic replete with an in-house dental laboratory and 15 examination tables.
The goal was to create a bright, open examination room by taking advantage of the light coming in from the windows facing Sakurada-road on two sides.

Since the clinic was relocating from the second floor of a building complex to the first floor of the adjacent building, the surface area shrank to 2/3 of the previous location. However, as the clinic was going to leave the existing number of examination tables and equipment as is, the challenge was to fit it all into a compact space without compromising functionality.
With the large number of staff and patients that would be in the examination room, the room was designed as a circuit around the center to ensure a smooth flow of traffic, while the plumbing and private rooms, such as the special examination room, were positioned in the center. To prevent the area of private rooms in the center from feeling closed off, an opening was designed in the upper part, creating a line of light that wraps around the center by furnishing indirect lighting at the boundary of the opening and making it a design accent that can be seen from anywhere in the spacious examination room.
The private rooms that demanded for noise to be blocked out were sealed off with FIX glass around the top, creating a sense of unity.
Large sheets of glass were placed on two sides of the special examination room, giving the room an open feel. Smart film was placed over the large openings on the side, which incorporated the functionality of making the glass opaque during examinations and ensuring privacy while preventing the room from feeling stuffy.
Since the staff room is used to conduct seminars and similar events, it was positioned adjacent to the reception room and designed to become a spacious area by moving the furniture around.

primary use: dental clinic
design: AIDAHO Inc.
general contractor: Yachiyo
location: Minato Ward, Tokyo
area: 340.58 m2
completed: July 2015
photo credits: Koji Honda / Koji Honda Photo Studio



複合ビル2階から隣接するビルの1階への移転で面積が2/3に縮小するが、既存の診療台数や機能をその まま残すため、機能性を損なわずにコンパクトに納めることが課題となった。

診療室は患者数、スタッフ数も多いのでスムーズな動線を確保するため回遊式とし、 中央に特診室などの個室や水廻りなどを配置した。

中央の個室部分は閉塞感のないよう上部は開口とし、開口との境界に間接照明を設置することで、 中央のスペースにぐるっと光りのラインをつくり、広い診療空間にどこからも見えるアクセントとした。

音を遮断したい個室は上部をFIXガラスで閉じ、統一感を持たせた。 特診室は2面に大きなガラスを入れ、オープンなスペースにした。

側面の大開口には液晶フィルムを貼り、 診療中はくもりガラスとなる機能を取り入れ、プライバシーを確保しながら閉塞感のない空間になっている。

スタッフルームでは、セミナー等も行うため、応接室と隣接させ、家具を移動することで大空間となるよう デザインされている。

主要用途: 歯科医院
施工: 八千代株式会社
所在: 東京都港区
延床面積: 340.58㎡
写真: 本多康司/本多康司写真事務所