Maruyama Pharmacy

Maruyama Pharmacy

This project gave us the feeling that we were designing a pharmacy from scratch.

The space is long, somewhat like an eel’s burrow. The wall which is most prominent both from outside and inside the building was joined to the ceiling to create a continuous curved shape. Treated as a single form, this surface was decorated with a textured wave pattern. Our concept was a relaxing space by the water’s edge.

Lotus flower and leaf icons are attached to this wall and the ceiling as if they were floating on the water’s surface. They were painted in blue, pink, and green on the rear side and are fitted with lights that reflect the color back onto the textured wavy wall.

The counter is designed to be as large as possible and uses warm materials such as wood with the aim of facilitating pleasant communication between customers and staff.

Functionality was prioritized in the design of the dispensary, with care taken so as to ensure maximum space for storage, so that large volumes of pharmaceutical products can be stored without any space wastage.

We feel that the project successfully reflected a bright and cheerful image and the warmth of the Maruyama Pharmacy staff.

primary use: pharmaceutical dispensary
graphic design: KARAPPO Inc.
general contractor: Kaisei Construction
location: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
total floor area: 28 m2
completed: December 2007
photo credits: Ota Takumi












主要用途: 調剤薬局
設計:長沼和宏 澤田淳(株式会社HAK在籍時)
グラフィックデザイン:KARAPPO Inc.
施工: 海成建設株式会社
所在: 神奈川県川崎市
延床面積: 28㎡
写真: 太田拓実/太田拓実写真事務所