Marutake Dining

Marutake Dining

Marutake, a producer and retailer of dried seafood products in Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture, commissioned us to design their fine dining restaurant which features their own seafood products.

In terms of the seating, the client wished to create an atmosphere of peaceful private rooms. Giving consideration to the limited leeway offered by the space, we decided to avoid cutting off the field of view completely by using wooden louvers to partition the space in a warm manner.

The existing ceiling height allowed for a design in which each private room could be fitted with its own roof. By extending the overhang into the passageway that runs between the rooms, the space was staged to be reminiscent of an old street scape, with the front eaves of the buildings all lined up.

The result was a restaurant offering dried seafood in an atmosphere which evokes the port city of Kamogawa.

primary use: fine dining restaurant
architectural design: AIDAHO Inc.
general contractor: Hanyu no Yado Inc.
location: Sumida Ward, Tokyo
total floor area: 63.60 m2
completed: November 2012
photo credits: Koji Honda / Koji Honda Photo Studio









主要用途: ダイニングレストラン
施工: 埴生の宿
所在: 東京都墨田区
延床面積: 63.60㎡
写真: 本多康司/本多康司写真事務所